“A dream, to be so close to an elephant, came true”

Our recent guests had the best day of their lives, meeting some elephants of the Jabulani Herd at Elephant Moments.

Nothing quite prepares you for your first encounter with the Jabulani elephants.

Their mammoth size and vibrant presence are always humbling. Arrive at sunrise for your personal introduction to a very special family, just like our recent guests Clare and Glenn from the UK did. 

Discover and learn:

Discover the unique, dramatic but wonderful story behind how Elephant Moments came into existence… In this 90 minute experience, they invite you to be inspired, enlightened, educated and enthused by a memorable and respectful opportunity to meet and learn more about some of the Jabulani herd elephants and their passionate carers.

Arrive at sunrise to meet a few members of an extraordinary family, the Jabulani Herd. Delve deeper into the biology and physiology of these gentle giants while learning about each elephant’s unique personalities and remarkable stories

Jabulani and the herd:

There is a unique, special and intense but a wonderful story behind how Elephant Moments came into existence…

It all started with a rescued 4 month old elephant calf in June 1997. The orphan was named Jabulani which means ‘to rejoice’. After a year of nursing Jabulani back to health, the process was put into place to re-introduce him back into the bush. Despite numerous attempts, Jabulani kept returning to his human family. Years later, a rescue mission was put into place in March 2002, after word was received that a Zimbabwean elephant herd was facing a grisly and untimely end. Learn all about their story when you visit Elephant Moments.

Their caretakers:

They work with some of the best elephant carers in the world. These men come from different regions in Africa, from Zimbabwe to Cape Town to Mozambique, all with many years of experience living with rescued elephants.


When you stay at Ubuntu Luxury Villa we can arrange your special visit to these gentle giants. For more information on this activity you can already have a look at https://elephant-moments.com/

“ Well what can I say, a dream to be so close to an elephant came true.
These elephants are rescued, nurtured and living the dream at Elephant Moments. Now I’ve lived mine! “

– Clare Southcombe – UK

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Hope to see you soon in the bush!


Dennis & Anouk

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