Dennis and Anouk at the Ubuntu Luxury Villa viewing deck

Our Story

“Living the dream”

The Ubuntu story is a love story. We fell for each other, and then we fell for South Africa. Finding our heart home in the bushveld town of Hoedspruit, we bought a piece of land and began working on our dream; a unique, exclusive-use luxury villa close to the Kruger National Park. Together we have designed and created a villa that reflects our love for nature and natural living, and our combined experience of working in hospitality and photography having travelled to more than 50 countries around the world.

Dennis and Anouk at Blyde Dam in Blyde Canyon Nature Reserve

Words to live by

“Live your dreams, don’t dream your life.” We take these words seriously and have invested in making our dream come true. Having both worked in hospitality and photography for our whole careers, we have travelled to more than 50 countries and invested our experience and knowledge in the creation of a home that reflects our passion for nature and Africa.

How it began

During our first visit to South Africa in 2010, we found ourselves falling for the country, the wildlife and the people. The passion that was seeded on that first, memorable visit has since grown into a fully-fledged commitment to South Africa, and the town of Hoedspruit in particular. It wasn’t long before we were looking at land to buy and beginning to design our dream villa - with a travel experience to match - that we’re excited to be able to share with you!

Everything you need during your holiday

We have thought through what guests' want and need on holiday; from the best linens, to great coffee, and convenient spots to charge your phones, cameras or tablets, to a room with a view and a large swimming pool. We want you to have an unforgettable experience during your stay. Ubuntu Luxury Villa is suitable for couples, families and groups of friends that appreciate being able to spend quality time in a beautiful environment, with an eye for detail and a taste for comfort.

Hospitality is a journey

The best vacations are the ones where all the hard work is done before you arrive. We want your stay at Ubuntu Luxury Villa to be effortless, with all your needs met; plentiful hot water, a backup energy supply, fast wifi, Samsung Smart TV, large safes in each room, USB plug points, fluffy towels and cotton robes, a swimming pool, binoculars, screened sliding doors and windows, a dishwasher and washing machine, clothes dryer, blackout curtains, books on birds and wildlife and all the information you may need to plan your stay. Your friendly hosts are on hand to attend to any needs that arise during your visit.

We still work as globe-trotting photographers, privileged to travel the world and photograph some of its most beautiful destinations. Yes, we are proudly Dutch, but nothing beats coming back to our home in Africa; from the sunsets and the wildlife, to the warm people we’ve met in Hoedspruit, we’d choose it every time. Look out for Anouk’s artwork throughout the villa - every picture tells a story - and you can read more about our work to photograph the world’s most beautiful and exclusive destinations click the above image to go to their company website of DEAN Productions.

We know you’re going to find this out for yourselves, but this wildlife estate in Hoedspruit combines the very best of bushveld living, with convenient access to attractions, facilities and shops in town. You can sit on our viewing deck, enjoying nature and watching the birds fly by, and in 10 minutes, be eating an exquisite meal in town, or on your way to explore Kruger or the scenic Panorama Route. You can walk, cycle or go on horse-riding safari with wildlife, then get a massage on your own deck. Or you can relax by the swimming pool, serenaded by birdsong, and do nothing at all.

It’s the size of a small country, so choosing a favourite drive in Kruger National Park is always going to be hard. All we know is we keep coming back for more! We like to enter the park through the Orpen Gate, drive along the H7, turning off towards the Timbavati picnic site, before circling around to Satara Camp. We’re enchanted by the scenery on this route, and all the creatures, big and small. There is a map of Kruger National Park in the villa and some more tips from us here about how to enjoy some quality time in this iconic, wild paradise.

We have a couple of favourite restaurants in Hoedspruit. We’ve had great service and food at The Hat & Creek, The Hogfather, Keystone Cafe, The Hoedspruit Cafe and The Brewery for the perfect pizza and sushi. We also love the local coffee shop, The Fig and Bean, which is close to the entrance to the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate, the local health shop and the plentiful supply of fresh products available in town, which we cook ourselves to enjoy in the comfort of the villa. Click on the above photo to view some our favourite restaurants.

Tips for your stay

We love all our time at Ubuntu Luxury Villa. Some of our favourite things to do are the simple things like taking an early morning outdoor shower. There’s nothing like the first beams of sunlight dancing through the water, with the feel of the cool air on your skin! Or having sundowners on our elevated deck - the views are breathtaking. Making a fire in the boma is always a highlight. As the night falls, enjoy a spectacle of stars. Listening for the dawn chorus will introduce you to nature’s own symphony. And on sunny days (almost every day in Hoedspruit), you can’t spend too much time in the swimming pool!

We want our guests to feel completely at home here; fed by nature, nurtured by beauty, and able to enjoy  Hoedspruit and surroundings. There is no doubt our time in the Hoedspruit area has changed us for the better – we’ve designed and styled everything at the villa to try and share that experience with you.”

~ Owners, Dennis and Anouk.