It was hands down one of our best travel experiences!


Interview with guests Michael & Katrin

Origin: Germany

Number of nights: 4

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your travel experiences?

We are a German married couple in our mid-to-end thirties. We have always done a decent amount of city trips around Europe (such as Barcelona, Rome, London, Paris, Hamburg, Munich, Lisbon, Milan, Dublin, Edinburgh), but not that many longer holidays. When we do, however, we try to get a mixture of culture/sightseeing, sports and relaxation in the mix, so most of the times we end up combining a city trip with a more nature destination, such as Lisbon + Cascais/Sintra, Singapore + Bali, Dubai + Zanzibar and now Cape Town + Hoedspruit / Greater Kruger Area. Most of our good travel memories come from such trips that we regularly plan and book ourselves with a combination of Google Maps, Wikivoyage, Trivago and Swoodoo.

– How did you find us and why did you choose to book a stay at Ubuntu Luxury Villa?

A combination of several factors: we already decided to visit friends in Cape Town and wanted to add a safari experience. As we neither wanted nor had enough time to drive to the Kruger or any other national park, we looked for airports close to Kruger, Hoedspruit being one of them. Our friends in Cape Town then provided the contact to Ubuntu Luxury Villa and everything just fell into place.

– How did you experience your stay?

It was hands down one of our best travel experiences. Everything in the villa is planned to perfection and everything serves a purpose, so it’s very well thought-out. The “luxury” part isn’t golden doorknobs or other extravaganza, but the convenience that you provide by organizing tours, food and everything else. That’s exactly what we as first timers to South Africa and the bush had hoped for.

Do you have a favorite spot in the villa? And what did you like the most about your stay?

Breakfast on the patio with an Bushbuck dropping in was pretty amazing 😉

What do you think of our kitchen / Boma area? Did you prepare special meals? Did you do a Braai during your stay?

The kitchen is perfect and provided everything that we and even the professional chef needed and probably more. Unfortunately, we couldn’t use the Boma area for a Braai due to the weather.

– What do you think of the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate? Did you go for a walk, cycle or drive on the estate? And did you see some Wildlife?

The Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate is great in providing space and alone-time by not being built up door-to-door. We cycled the area (14km in total) and saw many wildlife (impalas, zebras, giraffes, wildebeest, waterbucks, warthogs, lizards, bunnies, several birds,…) just 5 meter from us. Absolute stunning experience right after we arrived!

– You booked several activities outside the villa. Can you share your experiences? And which activity did you like the most?

The great thing about the experiences were that they were all different and each of them provided highlights. In terms of highlights, the morning game drive was probably most memorable by having us see rhinos and lions close-up. That still doesn’t take away from the other experiences which all provided special memories – our Kruger drive was 13 hours and was the first real exposure to wildlife and will therefore always be special and the panorama route gave us a great understanding of the diversity of the area which has more to offer than only wildlife.

– When is your next trip planned to Hoedspruit and will you come back to us?

No date yet, but when (and not if) we come, we will definitely want to stay with you again.


  • October 16, 2022


    I am so happy you liked it there Michael & Katrin 🙂 The article is just wonderfully written and gives great insights! I feel as if I want to go right now! Janine

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