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Kruger National Park


Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park is just a 45 minute drive from Ubuntu Luxury Villa, making it an easy place to visit for a day on either a self-drive safari, or an organised tour.

Half the size of our home country the Netherlands, the Kruger National Park is home to some of Africa’s last free-roaming wildlife. It’s a place that we return to time and time again, tracing favorite routes in search of the animals we’ve grown to love.

You can enter via either the Orpen or the Phalaborwa gates; opening times change depending on the season so check these before your leave. There are restaurants in the park’s camps, or you can pack a lunch and spend all your time exploring the back roads.  The house is kitted out with maps, binoculars and a cooler box for people wanting to drive themselves through Kruger.

Or we can book you on a tour with our carefully selected tour operator. This can be particularly rewarding for first time visitors, as you’ll have a dedicated guide to interpret what you see and help you find animals and birds.



“Another of our favourite routes is to enter at Orpen, take the H-6 and then the S-100 to Nwanetsi Hide. On the way, you never know what you’d find, but as you take in the wild nature around you, it will begin to work on you in ways you can’t imagine, and we’ll guarantee you’ll want to come back for more!” Owners Dennis and Anouk