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“Enjoy your holiday and stay active”

During your stay you can still work on your health and fitness if you like to. Guests of Ubuntu Luxury Villa are free to walk, cycle, drive and explore our entire estate, making use of the trails, bird hides and tracks through the wilderness area that border the villa.

Walking and running

If you love to walk or run, you should at least run through the South African bush once. There are several running tracks around the residential area or in the wilderness area.

During your walk-run you’ll possibly meet several harmless animals like impala, giraffe, zebra, kudu, warthog, wildebeest, etc. There’s no lion, elephant and rhino at Hoedspruit Estate, allowing you to run safely through South Africa’s magnificent nature. Be aware that there might be an occasional leopard roaming the area. Remember to bring water or cool drinks during your walk-run as temperatures can be high when the sun heats up.

TIP: bring the binoculars as you can also visit one of the three bird-hides at the waterholes.

Mountain Biking

We have mountain biking rentals available at the villa. It’s a fantastic way to explore the wilderness and encounter wildlife such as zebra, impala, giraffe, waterbuck, warthogs and many more. On the estate you’ll find tar roads in between the houses and gravel / off-roads in the wilderness area. You’ll find 24km of off-road tracks which you can ride.

TIP: Take a photo of the estate map we provide in the villa to avoid getting lost. It’s nice to take a route where you pass the waterholes to have more chances of seeing wildlife. There are also several bird hides, so it’s wise to bring binoculars which we provide in the villa as well.

Horse riding

Riding a horse in South Africa is an unforgettable Safari experience!

The stables of African Dream Horse are situated on the estate and offer 1 or 2 hour trail rides. From the stables, you will ride into the wild reserve and come across harmless wild animals, such as giraffes, zebras, kudus, impalas and warthogs. There’s no loud sound of engines running, only the sound of horse’s hooves, while you are winding your way through the African bush. The trail follows a riverine course, which contains two dams. By placing yourself on a horse, you’ll be able to observe and experience the animals close-by. They cater for both beginner and advanced riders. Maximum weight for riders is 80 kg / around 176 pounds.


What do you think about Golf in the bush? A beautiful 9-hole (18 tee) course is located within the Drakensig Residential Estate of Hoedspruit Air Force Base. This golf course is open all year round, from Monday to Sunday, and visitors are welcome any day. It is characterized by an abundance of trees and the bird species that these attract. For this reason, golfers are invited to bring their binoculars along and get the most out of their time on the greens and fairways. The clubhouse at Drakensig faces down the 18th tee, and boasts stunning views of the Drakensberg Mountains in the distance. There is a small shop here that is well stocked, and golf carts are available to hire. The driving range is perfect for those wanting some practice or golfers that are on a strict time limit. Be aware that wildlife might be joining you on the fairway!