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Ubuntu: I am because we are

Ubuntu: a Nguni Bantu term meaning “humanity”.

It is often translated as “I am because we are,” or “humanity towards others,” but is often used in a more philosophical sense to mean “the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity”.

When we first encountered the concept of Ubuntu through the writing of Nelson Mandela and other African humanists, it resonated with us in ways we could only fully understand after having visited South Africa ourselves.

We learnt that, according to Nelson Mandela, Ubuntu gives human beings their humanity; it’s a quality we owe each other. Inspired by Nelson Mandela’s thoughts on education, nature and wildlife conservation, we read further.

We believe that a person who exhibits Ubuntu is welcoming, hospitable, warm and generous and always willing to share. They are open and available to others, willing to be vulnerable, affirming of others, with the self-assurance that comes from knowing that they are part of a greater whole.

These are values and qualities we embrace and reflect, and we hope that when you visit us, you will experience them too.

“If we do not do something to prevent it, Africa’s animals, and the places in which they live, will be lost to our world and her children, forever.

Before it is too late, we need your help to lay the foundation that will preserve this precious legacy long after we are gone.”

~ Nelson Mandela