Ubuntu Luxury Villa. A work of art?

“Africa changes you forever, like nowhere on earth. Once you have been there, you will never be the same. But how do you begin to describe the magic to someone who has never felt it? How can you explain the fascination of this vast, dusty continent, whose oldest roads are elephant paths”?  

This quote from Brian Jackman sums up how we feel about Africa. Indeed, it is hard to describe its magic. That’s where our photography comes in! Where words have failed us, our cameras have been able to capture many magical moments during our time in South Africa.

We knew from the start that these pictures would become an important part of Ubuntu Luxury Villa, the home we have created in Hoedspruit where people from all over the world can tap into the transformative power of Africa.

Each image in the house has been photographed by Anouk. Each one represents a magical moment in time that will never be repeated, but rather endlessly renewed through nature’s cycles, so long as wild places like the nearby Kruger National Park continue to exist.

We never get tired of photographing Africa’s landscapes and wildlife; an endless source of magic, fascination and inspiration and we had a lot of fun reliving our memories as we selected the right images for each bedroom room of the house. These rooms are named after some of our favorite animals; the ones we love to photograph the most!

Here are some of the stories behind the artwork we have shared in Ubuntu Luxury Villa. We hope they enrich your stay as much as they have enriched our lives.



This time we’d decided to go and visit the Northern Part of the Kruger National Park and stayed at Punda Maria Rest Camp. At the end of a full day of driving through the park  we decided to take one last drive before sunset and went onto the S99 which takes you in a loop around the camp. We were almost at the end of the road and Anouk grabbed Dennis his arm as she saw the tail of a male leopard walking through the grass. Luckily the leopard didn’t walk far and stopped for a rest in an open part where we had the best view on this beautiful cat. We stayed with him for about 20 minutes and the best part, we were all alone! At the end the golden afternoon sun just touched his face and he was posing for us like a model. We will never forget this special moment in the bush!



In the surroundings of our beautiful safari town Hoedspruit you find a lot of private game reserves. This time we went on a game drive in the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve. During this morning drive we encountered this amazing elephant herd but before  we took this photo they weren’t all together. There was a lot of trumpeting going on when we first saw a few elders and some baby elephants. Then a male bull came running towards the herd and all stood together protecting the little ones. That was exactly the moment we took this photo.



The zebra, one of the most photogenic animals in the bush. We like them a lot as they are curious and a bit stubborn all together. Most of the times when you see them in the Kruger and you stop for a photo they turn and show their behind;) Because of their unique patterns we think they are so photogenic. And like on the photo at our desk you can see the interaction with the oxpecker on the back and the other zebra looking at it, like what are you doing on my friends back?


And if you like taking photos, rest assured that you’ll find an endless array of material for your art during your stay at Ubuntu Luxury Villa. Oh, and don’t forget to take your picture with our ‘Instagram Wall’ and tag us when you visit as you become part of the ever evolving story of this villa in the African bush.

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