We had an incredible stay. We loved your home and it made us feel like our home!

Interview with our recent guest Jelena Warren

Origin: USA – South Africa

She stayed at Ubuntu Luxury Villa together with her husband and two children, age 13 and 17

Period: January 2022

Number of nights: 5

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your travel experiences?

We are a family of four, our two kids are 17 and 13. My son is homeschooled and my daughter is a working model. We travel as much as we can (pre-covid) and love to explore places together. 

How did you find us and why did you choose to book a stay at Ubuntu Luxury Villa?

We found you on Airbnb. The biggest reason to choose for Ubuntu Luxury Villa was the viewing deck, 2nd the space, neatness and set-up of the villa

How did you experience your stay?

We had an incredible stay. We loved your home. It made us feel like our home, we loved how well everything worked and so many things were well thought through. 

Do you have a favorite spot in the villa? And what did you like the most about your stay?

We loved the viewing deck, every afternoon we would all meet up at the viewing deck to have a sundowner and a chat. This first night we met up there, we spoke about all the things we did the past year and planned to do in the upcoming year!

What do you think of our kitchen / Boma area?

Did you prepare special meals and did you do a Braai during your stay?

Kitchen was great. Everything you need and more.

My daughter loves to Braai so she made a braai almost every night. 

What do you think of the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate? Did you go for a walk, cycle or drive on the estate? And did you see some Wildlife?

It was so peaceful. We enjoyed riding the bicycles through the estate and saw so many animals. This was the highlight of our trip. Riding through the bush. It was the best experience for us as a family, 

You booked several activities outside the villa like a day trip to Kruger National Park, a morning Game Drive, a massage on the deck and mountain biking. Can you share your experiences? And which activity did you like the most?

The game drives are always fun. I think the morning drives are the best. We were so lucky to see hyena, lions and rhino. 

When is your next trip planned to Hoedspruit and will you come back to us?

We said we would like to meet each other in the bush every year and we will most certainly return to Ubuntu Luxury Villa as it was really the most special experience. Thank you!

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