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Kruger National Park

“One of the largest and most famous nature reserves in the world”

The Kruger National Park is just a 45 minute drive from Ubuntu Luxury Villa, making it an easy place to visit for a day on either a self-drive safari or an organized tour. Half the size of our home country the Netherlands, the Kruger National Park is home to some of Africa’s last free-roaming wildlife. It’s a place that we return to time and time again, tracing favorite routes in search of the animals we’ve grown to love.

Exclusive private guided day trip

When going on a guided tour in an open safari vehicle with our professional safari partner, you’ll have a dedicated guide to explain what you see and help you find animals and birds. Their experienced Field Guides will share a wealth of knowledge about the iconic African wildlife of the Kruger Park, as well as the fauna and flora of this incredible National Park. Your day begins at sunrise and ends at approximately 4.30PM, depending on the season. The Kruger Tours are conducted in an open game viewer, allowing for excellent wildlife viewing and photographic opportunities. Coffee, tea and rusks, bottled water will be provided for you. Your guide will stop at Satara Rest Camp within the park so you can enjoy a lunch at your own expense.

Self Drive in the park

You can either enter via the Orpen Gate or the Phalaborwa Gate; opening times change depending on the season so check these before your leave. There are restaurants in the park’s camps, or you can pack a lunch and spend all your time exploring the back roads.  The house is kitted out with maps, binoculars and a cooler box for people wanting to drive themselves through Kruger. Please be aware you are not allowed to step out of your vehicle, only in designated spots in the park and of course in the restcamps. Check out our Kruger National Park blog and read about one of our favorite routes in the park.

Our favorite route

One of our favorite routes is to enter the Kruger park early at Orpen gate. Take the tar road H-7 towards Satara Restcamp. We always stop at multiple viewpoints to check for wildlife and enjoy the amazing views. Our favorite viewpoint is Bobbejaankrans. After these viewpoints you get a turnoff to the right onto the S36, take that turn and you’ll enter a gravel road. This is scenic road leading onto the S126 which will bring you back to the main tar road. At the end of the S126 you turn to the left. After a few kilometers you turn onto the H6, a road where you have wide views over grassland. This road leads towards the Nwanetsi Hide, a great place to stretch your legs and enjoy the views. After this stop continue on the S41 and the S100 which will take you back to the H7, to the Orpen Gate. Read our blog about a self-drive day in the park.